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Comments received from a few of our many buyers of our English hand-made saddle stands

"Hi Graham, my beautiful saddle stand arrived today. I love it! Thank you so much for great craftsmanship and customer service."  Leyla.M Surrey.  25.05.17
"Hi Graham. Saddle stand arrived safely and is now fitted together and looks great. Merry Christmas. JulieW, Northumberland. 16.12.16 
"Hi Graham. Only just realised I didn't let you know how delighted we are with the saddle stand, I think we are just enjoying having it sooooo much, I forget to thank its creator! Best wishes." TM,Somerset,19.06.16 
"The saddle horse has arrived safely and has been put together.  It is perfect, thank you!" Beverly,Surrey,UK 31.10.15
"Hi, I thought I would let you know that the saddle stand arrived first thing this morning. It is now fully assembled and looks fantastic. Thank you so much."   Ann H, Scotland 21.09.15

"Hello Graham, Thank you very much for our amazing saddle stand, it is absolutely beautiful!!"

Anfisa, Pimlico, London. 01.07.15

"Thank you Graham. The stand has arrived and it is lovely! Just what we needed."
Serena, Scotland. 25.04.15
"Hi Graham, Thanks for the saddle stand.  Received, assembled and now in use.  Everyone who has seen is very impressed, my saddles sit nicely on it.  Regards, W.H. 02.11.14
"Hi Graham, Saddle stand arrived earlier. It's lovely. Have put it together. It looks great. Excellent quality,  excellent service.   Many thanks, Best regards".   Amanda, Scotland 17.10.14
"Arrived and set up. Beautiful work! Thank you."  Georges... Brussels, Belgium  15.10.14
"Just a note to say many, many thanks for the lovely saddle stands.  They are beautiful and make a lovely feature in my hallway. I'm really thrilled with them!"   Sue... Accrington, Lancs. July 2014
"Dear Graham, Thank you for the saddle stand it is great.
Regards, Annabel"  02.06.14
"Dear Graham, The stand looks very good.  Thank you!"  Jennifer (Rymarque)  15.12.13

"Wow it looks lovely!!  Thanks Graham " ...

Lisa C 29.01.14

"Hi. Thank you very much as well for the beautiful saddle stand! The clients who were at the yard today admired it greatly.

Sarah S

"Our two new LeChevalet saddlestands look great in our new TackRoom"

Caroline F

"Nice to meet you yesterday!  I am really pleased with the stand and have sat on it a few times already, as mentioned I am using it to improve my riding posture.

The stand is remarkably stable, but if people are regularly getting on and off, it might suffer stresses and strains which were not envisaged in its original purpose of bearing a saddle weight vertically.  Also when "mounted" people might change their position (and maybe even try a rising trot or canter!).  I mention this only because people seem nowadays to be remarkably lacking in common sense and also inclined to blame others for their own stupidity - it's not safe to get on and off using stirrups for example, probably not even if the saddle can be "girthed" as we discussed.

Another selling point is that, although very sturdy, the stand is not heavy to carry and the single one would probably fit into the boot of most cars. I haven't tried this yet, though am hoping to take it to Glos to let my riding instructor look at it.  I'll put a leaflet up on our noticeboard as well. It occurs to me that the stands would make a nice gift for a horsey person, being a bit out of the ordinary, superior to normal saddle stands (which also have no storage for saddle soap, etc) but affordably priced.

I'm very pleased to have mine.  Thanks for bringing it to Kingston !"

Caroline McB

"Saddlestand arrived Friday, assembled and in use Saturday. Many thanks. Absolutely delighted!" Fionna H  9.12.12

Thanks, stand is great ! (American Oak Triple)

Chris H 

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